Popup UI problem when trying to make scrolling list of checkboxes in pane layout


I’m trying to figure out how to make a popup to allow for a series of user inputs based on a scene. my current UI function is as below:

import maya.cmds as cmds

cmds.window(wh = [600,300])
cmds.paneLayout(“mainWindow”, configuration = ‘quad’)

cmds.scrollLayout(“scroll1”, p = “mainWindow”)
for x in range(10):
cmds.checkBox(l = str(x) + “_box”, p = “scroll1”)

cmds.rowColumnLayout(“frameRate”, numberOfColumns=2, columnAttach=(1, ‘right’, 0), columnWidth=[(1, 100), (2, 250)] )
cmds.text( label=‘Frame Rate’ )
frameRate = cmds.textField()
cmds.text( label=‘First Frame’ )
startFrame = cmds.textField()
cmds.text( label=‘Last Frame’ )
endFrame = cmds.textField()

cmds.checkBox(l = “All_Frames”, p = “exportFrames”)
cmds.checkBox(l = “Keys”, p = “exportFrames”)

cmds.rowColumnLayout(“exportDeets”, numberOfColumns=2, columnAttach=(1, ‘right’, 0), columnWidth=[(1, 100), (2, 250)] )
cmds.text( label=‘File Location’ )
location = cmds.textField()
cmds.text( label=‘File Name’ )
name = cmds.textField()

cmds.paneLayout(“mainWindow”, e=1, sp = [(“scroll1”, 1), (“frameRate”, 2), (“exportFrames”, 3), (“exportDeets”, 4)])

The goal is to create a scrolling list (of variable size, though 10 items is used as the example range here) of checkboxes so the user can select which items they want to export to a .csv file. The scrolling list would be along the left side, while the other three boxes are all on the right. The problem is, the formatting doesn’t want to play nice. It all piles into one cell and I can’t figure out why.