Polygon smoothing/rounding on render?


Hi there,

I’m struggling to understand what’s causing this issue. I’ve never run into anything like it - I’ve created a parking lot shape that’s extruded a couple inches, but when I hit render I get a totally different shape - this is a camera setting, or something with the geometry? I have no tags on it, I’ve tried a few configurations with the Phong tag but nothing seems to work.

I appreciate the help! I’m on C4D R23.008 if that helps. Thank you again


Looks like you have a B Spline. Also, is your extrude in Y only ?

File would help.


Looks like you have it inside a Subdivision Surface, I would check that the Render subdiv matches the Editor subdiv.



I am so sorry. I made a huge rookie mistake. The concrete preset material I was using had a crazy Displacement tag on it. That solved the issue immediately.

Thank you for the solutions, I’m glad it was a quick fix - won’t happen again haha!