Poly reduction generator extremely annoying


Ive havent had a reason to use this tool in a really long time so the fact that this is a generator i guess is ok but what really is annoying as hell is if you have a really big poly object to start the damn thing locks up on 90% to start. So now its locked up trying this and i have to wait forever!
Is there a way to dump out of the poly process so i can slide it lower and not have to wait for this???!!!
R20 mac


No, regardless the value you choose, the precalculation is the same. After it is done you can adjust the value without recalculation.


terrible design! that setting should not be what you are stuck with to start! Needs to be fixed


The choice was to wait once a bit longer for a function that can be adjusted smoothly afterwards, or wait nearly as long after a change in strength has been made. The other option would have only been faster if you were to hit the right setting on first try.
Your mesh has to have quite a bit of heft to it t make polyreduction this slow.


@Srek But shouldn’t the poly reduction react to an Escape key press, just like most other generators do?


Esc should work, though might be slightly delayed for performance reasons. You don’t get a result though.
If it does not finish it is likely a bug. In that case sending the mesh with a problem description to Maxon support would be very helpfull.


Sure. Totally reasonable to me, as long as the user can abort (and I think afterwards even change a parameter before it kicks back in).

@leadnut: If escape doesn’t work for you, maybe it’s a good idea to contact Maxon’s support and show them your object. I’d call it a bug or at least a “violation” of C4D’s design principles. On the other hand, if abortion is no option, then I’d ask, what C4D would be supposed to do in such a case, even if it would be able to detect it’s encountering a huge workload?


ESC or -. both dont stop it(MAC)


Does it stop at some point or do you have to force quit? Either way it might be a bug, or at least a very strange geometry. Please contact Maxon support on this.


Credit where credit is due, the Poly Reducer is probably one of the most useful features added to C4D in recent times. The way it holds onto detail is very clever. It’s a shame it doesn’t produce quads but still it can get a two million poly scan down to a few tens of thousand polys without trashing the detail or altering the boundary shape.

I have not had any issues with lockups, it can take 10-20 secs to analyse a dense mesh which is fair enough in my book.


Yeah, it’s one of the stronger implementations, the fact it mostly preserves UVs is a big bonus. My Max collegues were impressed with that.