Point Cloud Maya and a snap. Or plugin that work?


THe title is clearest. I’m finding a way to snap to point cloud visualizer. I’m using Partio for to see the point clouds, great on fast visualization but no snap. Maybe with the emitter, but i did’nt manage it as well. I don’t know why.
So, someone have infos? I really appreciate help.


I’m also searching for a way to snap to points …

no idea what plugin is out there, what workflow would do the job

@ytsejam are you working with scan data?
cause we’re using a faro scanner and faro scene software is not that handy to use neither is geomagic …


how about importing your point cloud as an .obj (or ply if that’s supported ) and then create a gpu cache from that. You can then delete the obj and work with the gpu cache which supports snapping. hope this helps


Thanks for the answer guys.
@mayanic. I’m modeling based on the scan data. I’m using partIO vis and PartIO emitter, the viz for visualizing point cloud detailed and the emitter for to snaping in to particles. PartIO manage the particles very well.

I know importing the obj, but the laser scan data sometimes are not the great laser scan ever on quality. We dont’ need obj mesh from laser scan in one way, we need to do a comparison from laser scan and mesh. Modeling based point cloud have the detail we want.
I’m using also dnPtcViewerNode, but it’ only a visualizer. Question: how can i export the particles in gpu cache? IS it possible? If i can snap to the GPU cached particles.

Someone help me on this problem? On maya 2015 the particles in viewport are really fast, but ever snapping to particles is slowwwwwwwww. Whyyyyyyyy? I know why. :slight_smile:


hi are you able to import Lidar scan data directly to Maya? Is there any workflow or plug in?