Plugins max 3.1



Wow, Hard to find others like us anywhere…

I use MAX8 as well!! I pretty much have all plugs too!..

If you don’t have I have LBrush, OrionFlame, Brazil, NodeJoe, BlueCherry and many others for MAX8 too…

MAX8 Best version of the older as it has 3 version code redundancy so can use plugs from 7 & 6…


Yes!! Wow!!! You really surpased me so badly!!! I don’t have those goodies for my max8!! I got fumefx, do you have it?
I have some issues with ffx because its afterworks.dlu doesn’t match the afterworks for dreamscape and afterburn, and I have to choose and switch (replace the afterwork) depending on what I want to use…but sadly I can’t run dreamscape and ffx at the same time :persevere: so pissed off


So Cool you use old MIDI-Audio too as with the Voyetra (Turtle Beach) MIDI Orchestrator Pro…That’s a good one…

I Use also OLD cakewalk…Project5 & Sonar 2.2…Also like Trackers alot like IoNeo Aero Studio, SkaleTracker, SvARTracker, SunVox…Also Reason 3.0 & sometimes Renoise…

Here’s my channel on AloneTone-


Good job!!! Using querty and mouse! I’m impressed!
Nice mood your music, very warm and so ambient, I am listening to it now, enjoying it so much
Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks Rosa…

Don’t have alot of down time these days like I used to…Too many unfinished projects & as far as 3D mostly character model focus…somewhat limited…

OK you should check your messages now…

Thanks again…


Here is another WIP who knows when it will be done…I wanted to try doing a REALISTIC head of a gal…One with alot of freckles to project-paint back on so found actress Luca Hollestelle to fit the bill…

Luckily SINCE STARTING there have been better reference pics so I have to redo them all…Here is rough head, not yet right in many areas…

So in some cases there IS a benefit in putting-off…

This in C4D R9.6 (would be real hard in XL7)-


That 's looking pretty good!! I hope you can keep working on it!!


Yeah…THANKS Rosa…Well, at some point I’ll get back to it, just a hobbyist not a professional like just about everybody out there claims to be. Funny many have nothing to show…

Well, this is a CG forum…so I lay it out!

Here is the ‘Joan-of-Arc’ Figure I modeled in Nendo…I figured out a way to get image planes via the paint room & two collapsed cubes at 90 degrees to each other…

This is not the original ref images I took them & gave JofA a bit more MEAT on her bones…Makes sense donit?..Doughnut?

People say…“WHAT?!!..Where’s all the model tools?!!” I say they are mostly right-click, very minimal but intelligently parsed tools>>>

Here’s a QUICK-DIRTY turntable radiosity GIF done in C4D XL7-

I then thought about using Sculptris to finish…What a mistake as you get along way too much chugging so I had to just end with a makeshift suit…ABORT!!


Wow that Nendo looks so minimalistic! I’m thinking of it as a must have!
You’re good with volumes, I have to try and see if I reach something alike.
So sculptris is quite similar to z brush, isn’t it?
Thanks for sharing! I loved your work! Please keep going!


Thanks again Rosa!! I’ll have to work up a Nendo Packet for you…

Yeah, Nendo is great as you can leave it for MONTHS and come right back & pick it up…It is DirectX Viewport & seems to run on anything…I have 8 XP machines & 2 windows 10 machines that were given to me & it runs on them ALL…

Of course real good for netbooks (I got 2) as there is no wasted screen space…

I think what the negative stigma of Nendo is for some is they think it’s just for ‘kiddy’ 3D model creation…I have to say that the BiBeast & the Joan-of-Arc Figure are the most complex I have seen done in Nendo and I am not bragging just making a point…

Nendo is like a small chunk of Mirai and Nichimen did a great job at sourcing the right tools for it…

Was quite popular as it was $99 and Mirai was $6,500…Many were modeling in Nendo & exporting into Maya or Max 20 years ago…

It has a paint room which is also a small part of Mirai and is very quick to get your color-texture painted on but just diffuse, but a mouse just fine…Nendo was designed as a game model creation & back then that’s all that was expected…

Nice aspect is that there is no UVing one has to do…Once you enter the paint room the UV is ‘per face’ & everything cool…

Wings 3D is like both Mirai & Nendo but unfortunately it was created using an obscure coding language called ‘ERlang’…Which happens to easily ‘chug’ on just a mediocre amount of polygons and has no paint or script running…

In Nendo you can play a script that someone else has done & it builds their model right in front of you & you can stop it & take over at anytime…

Here’s a few more images showing how to make ref images in Nendo-

Jovian color picker can be used with Nendo & this shows in paint room where it can-can’t be accessed-

Here are a few of Nendo’s BIG Brother (or Sister) MIRAI I did for someone awhile back-


Here’s an example of NEW TECH for OLD TECH…

Lazy Nezumi works in C4D XL7 BOTH in the 2D Texture View AND the 3D Paint View-

Some C4D XL7 Pyrocluster Animations-

Some trans-background GIFs made in XL7 DiTools…Sometimes if I make a good one I will mount it on the Desktop or make a Screenmate out of it-


Wow all that looks super cool!
I love pyrocluster, specially because it works as environment and as effect after rendering (at least the version I have for max 3.1 has both options) which is amazingly fast for complex scenes.
Thanks for posting these nice scenes!


Nice of you to say Rosa!..

Hey!..Rosa, You have Terragen Classic?..The old 0.9.43 in full registered with all plugs & such? I think the 3DS Max plug works with 3.1 but don’t quote me on it…In other words terrains made in Terragen can be exported to MAX3…

I just shared for another some weeks ago…Links are still good I think…

Planetside Intro 2004-

Some gallery images TERRAGEN CLASSIC-

0.9.43 GUI-

Comes with MANY standalone helper apps…Like 20 year-old beta of World Machine that still works just fine-

DyDelf…Turn ur Art into…WAIT FOR IT!!..OTHER ART!!!-

WhiteNoir similar to DyDelf-

R13 ReSampling Engine…Resample in one of 13 different algos-

Orbitech Image Filter does neato stuff…NEATO!!!-

Portable LightBox very good eor adjusting lighting-shadows with side-side compare-


Wow!!! No I don’t have that marvel! I loved it instantly as soon as I saw those images, amazing tool!!
Thank for posting!


Cool Rosa…COOL!!..

You got mail!!!

Here’s the ‘Terra4D’ plugin working in XL7-

Also if somehow that attachment don’t show here is what the root folder should look like WHEN ALL DONE>


Wow!! Great!! I’ll do it and let you know!