Plugins max 3.1


Hi guys!
Do anyone have those old plugins for max 3,1?
I know it’s quite a Jurassic release, but it happens that max3.1 is the only version that works in my Samsung tablet through exagear wine.
Do you have shag:hair, sandblaster, after burn, etc?
Than you in advance!!!


Hello…Nothing wrong with using old versions…I do it all the time…Using Cinema4D XL7 right now (2001)…

As to 3.1 it was coolest release with the Maya-Like Shelf & all…Then in 4 GONE!..

I will dig around…So you wish Shag Hair, Sandblaster & AfterBurn?

You can also find alot HERE-

I’ll pop back in when I got something…

                       Nice to see others using the vintage-TalkOrBell


OK…Check your messages…

I actually was compositing a full Max 3.1 with plugs a few years ago but got sidetracked…Also have the '0.2 Brazil Render Beta a friend ‘fixed’ so it works even today…

But still working on C4D XL7.303 & since I have never tried dragging images onto here let’s give it a try…

What do ya know? It worked!..Those are all my plugs for XL7 but I got like 8 more now so I hafta redo that whole image…

Oh, Got one for plugin Tags as well-

That works pretty slick…

Anyway I’ll keep looking for more, I think I know where the afterburns are…


Guess there’s a SIZE LIMIT here…On a CG Forum, Go FIGGER…


OK, Works about the same using uploaded images or dragging but uploads a bit better…


Hi!! WellI’m so happy to know I’m not the only one that uses old software!
I actually downloaded everything from amazing site BTW!
Nevertheless sandblaster is not there for max3, and, it is the only version I’vebeen able to run in android through exagear
I’ve found also vray free 1.09 for max 3 (I wished the pro version but I’m happy I got this oneat least)
I’ve found mattewaves also! And playing with it!! But Sandblaster is more specific for certain scenarios.
I’ve downloaded dustdevil and matterpyro but it’s a ittle buggedand the illumination rollout is not working properly.


I really love old softwares so much!! I enjoy and feel some nostalgia may be…who knows why, but I love old softs


I’m currently making an animation in my android tablet, I’ll post the full job very soon.
Meanwhile I’ll post some frames for you to see something


This is Scanline renderer


This is vray


These frames are stills from the animation, and the rendering time is about 2 to 3 minutes a frame in max 3.1 running in android through exagear in a Samsung Tab S3


Hey, Those are REAL GOOD! Wow…

Old Softs work just great with the power of more modern machines they can really sing…

The poor ‘old masters’ had it rough with machines that barely started up let alone do a decent render in under a WEEK…

Hey did you get those SHAG HAIRS I sent you? (CHECK YOUR MESSAGES)…I also found the afterburns will upload…

Here’s a BiBeast I did in Izware Nendo last winter-

Then took it into C4D XL7 to mess with-


OK looking at messages you got it…Other sent as well

Here is Jessica Rabbit WIP also in the plugin images-

All C4D XL7 Modeling (2001)-

Reference Image-


For that Brazil Render I forgot to add manual I got from Wayback Machine…

It all came back except for one image…In PDF & MHT formats-



Oh my! Your modelling is amazing!
Do you rig them as well?
I am so null with characters! I always been into landscapes, textures, vfx and particle animation, physics and such…
I loved your Jessica Rabbit!


Well, When I finish Jessica Rabbit I will rig…Started her like 2 years ago now & stopped to work on other stuff I will cycle back around eventually, I don’t get in a hurry…

Personally I don’t care what people are doing with present-day softs which practically do everything for you via some plugin or feature…I like the vintage softs which require more ‘work-arounds’ and thought to use thus for me it’s way more satisfying…

But hey…You are doing super with the scanline there…I am very impressed…What all old softs are you using by the way?

My FAVS are-

Cinema 4D XL 7.303 (2001)
Cinema 4D R 9.603 (2006)
Izware Nendo 1.5 (2005)
Nichimen Mirai 1.1 SP2 (1999)
Softimage XSI 2.0.1 (2001)


Yes!! I feel exactly the same! Newer softs do everything so easy and no challenge is present anymore, everything comes tincanned and no emotions are involved in these new “techniques” (jus to call them so) of running presets and realtime feedback.
For some reason I love to struggle with my old intuition of “I know how itwill look when rendered and animated” as it were some kind of soul’s fitness…
I don’t fall in any hurry at all, I enjoy passing solid weeks with something, feeling myself in a trip, in an endless adventure, lost in a creative storm.


I can see you use a variety of softs! That’s so good!
I only use max for CGI, but I still use Voyetra MOP for midi, Cakewalk sometimes.
I use also relatively newer soft for music but only for my sampled piano that I made DIY and hyper resonant with 2500 polyphony notes, such a beast, a PC killer, but sounds so realistic in-the-face.
I use also max 8, I have it so so complete with all the plugins, it is my favorite, but it won’t run in exagear, so I’m using my other beloved one, max3.1, but still gathering some plugins for it


For 2d design and textures creation I use Corel 9 and its partner Photopaint. I never updated.


Oh! Acdsee for pictures navigation of course :slight_smile: