Plugin : UV Vonc



I am glad to present you my new plugin for C4D : UV Vonc.

It’s a group of UV tools complementary to Bodypaint to work the UV more easely.

It cost 40 €, a demo version with restrictive tools is available to let you try.
Available for Cinema 4D R13, R14, R15, Windows 7 64 bits and OSX 10.7 64 bits.

I hope you like it !
Note that more tools will be available in the future versions. : )



I’ve got the chance to betatest the plugin, and Wow ! It’s very usefull and increase really the workflow to unfolding the UVs with Bodypaint.
I did a small tutorial to show how to unfold a character for our frenchcinema4d forum… It’s in french, but i think you shoud be able to follow it without problem.



Looks great!


The transpose tool seems top notch. Well done.


I have tested it too and bought it . that’s an excellent UV tools addition :buttrock:


That looks great indeed…

I’ve posted this on the Lounge as well. :wink:

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Awesome plugin and awesome work on it. Really great and helpful tools here. Thank you very much.



A new version is available for R20 and with a new Skeleton tool !

Hope you like it. Update is free for licence owner.


nice, i use this plugin quite frequently. the new skeleton mode looks really handy, but the vonc uv edit window is completely black, tested it in 19 and r20… i’m on a mac. hitting the refresh and reset buttons didn’t help…


Please try to keep the UVW tag selected.


thanks, that actually does the trick… now i’m wondering, that wasn’t the case in previous versions, wasn’t it?


You are right, it was not the case in previous version. :slight_smile:


Skeleton tool… nice feature.
Does it works with C or S shape object to make its polygon straight…?