Please review my workstation


Hi guys,

Just wanted to seek your advice and thoughts on a build that I had come up with.

This build is made with working as a 3D Generalist in mind. Heavily used software are Cinema4D, Maya, Redshift (GPU Rendering), Adobe creative suite. Budget around 5k - 8k.

Motherboard - Asus Z390-A
Processor - Intel i9 9900K
Graphics - 2x MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio 8GB
Ram - 64GB CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 2400/2666 C16
Storage - Samsung 970 PRO 512gb (OS), Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
Cooler - Noctua NH-D15
PSU - CoolerMaster V1200
Case - Fractal Design Define R6

My thoughts on choosing the i9 9900k over Threadripper 2990WX is that most operations in 3D software are single threaded (modeling, viewport, animation, simulation), having a faster single core processor will make doing day-to-day task smoother.

I understand that the i9 9900k has only 16 pcie lanes, making it impossible to use more than 2x graphics card. However, upon further research, having 4x GPU requires a more expensive CPU, higher wattage PSU and graphics card Cooling, not to mention the noise it generates under load.

But I only got these info through searching a couple of tech forums, not too sure if it’s true. Does anyone have any experience with 4x GPU workstations?

What do you guys think of this build? You think it’s workable?

Many Thanks!


There is a way to have access to more bandwidth per gpu with the Z390 chipset: get a motherboard that has a plx chip on it. With this way each device won’t be limited in terms of pcie lanes. The actual lanes remain the same (16) but the available bandwidth per device won’t be limited.
So, I would make some changes in your list:
PCPartPicker part list
with this as the main OS drive
Total cost is around 5600$.
For more than 2 gpus you should pick dual slot cards (the Asus ROG Strix is a 2.7 slot card and 3-4 of them won’t fit in this build). Ex.


Hey thanks for your advice.

Will have a look at the plx chip that you’re talking about.

Just wondering what is the difference between the SSD that you are recommending versus a Samsung EVO pro?


You’re welcome!
There is a huge difference in random reads/writes of small files, which are the most important when it comes to system responsiveness. The Samsung 970 Pro would be very fast in sequential reads/writes of large files, which are not the ones we perform more, except if one is working with video/photo large raw files. But again, the small ones are the ones we as users “feel” the most.

Do a little research on the Optane Drive. Study some reviews about it and you’ll see where it shines.


Thanks for the info!

I just did a search on the Optane Drive. Looks like a workstation grade SSD. Will definitely take that into consideration when finalizing the build.