Please Nominate an Anatomy Forum Contributor of the Year!


hahahaha… why always me ? :smiley:


Rules aren’t really my thing.

I nominate


SpiritDreamer or nebezial

SpiritDreamer for being talanted, positive and helpful to pretty much everyone. Goes out of the way to comment on like…everyone’s sketchbook. Pretty cool.

Neb for just being freakng inspirational and helpful to boot.


Okay if it has to be One…then…SpiritDreamer

But:curious: how can we not give it to Zhuzhu…Nebezial…DoctorBone…RebecaaKimmel:bowdown:



SpiritDreamer has my vote. He’s just super cool and helpful :slight_smile:


I have 4 or 5 battling it out in my mind, Jedi style. But the top honcho is the Chinese nose dribbler, one and only, Zhuzhu!

I would like to thank:


For their highly active contributions.

Many others too, but sadly I have not been active that much so these are the only ones that caught my eye in the time I was here.


Need to withdraw my name <> I am certainly not in the same league with RK or SpiritDreamer and many others on this forum. Flattered but unworthy.


for me its nebz and bone doc :buttrock:


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