Please Nominate an Anatomy Forum Contributor of the Year!


[b]Please Nominate an Artistic Anatomy & Figurative Art Forum Contributor of the Year!

Later on, we will take a vote to determine the winner. The winner does not receive a prize, but will be given special recognition for their contributions here.

Please note: [b]This cannot be a Forum Leader.

[/b][b]Please post here the name of 1 person whom you think has contributed greatly in the past year to the Anatomy Forum. You may not nominate yourself or a Forum Leader.

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Doctor Bone



hard to decide…


I´m voting for SpiritDreamer

 Please note: [b]This cannot be a Forum Leader.[/b]


I was just looking for the “Praise the forum leader thread” and thought I found it … if anyone deserves cred around here it has to be you - this place is just growing … lots of goodies to dig into for tired render eyes, keep it up :applause:


Awww… no fair. You dodged the bullet this time missy!


Spiritdreamer or Erilaz. :slight_smile:


LOL you guys. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m thinking SpiritDreamer, zhuzhu, or nebezial. Or maybe all 3. :smiley: Also, Queensoul for starting the 15 Minute Sketchathon thread.

Lots of good people, though. But certain people have definitely produced a lot of good work and tuts here. :slight_smile:


Damn… hard to decide… I rounded it of to two people though :smiley:
Nebezial or Spiritdreamer…
Grrraaah… so hard…


Damn! I forgot about zhuzhu and DoctorBone (Mentler), crap, now it’s even harder to decide… :smiley:
I vote for all four :smiley: lol



difficult to decide, I love the free and inspired way of SpiritDreamer
and the work of zhuzhu too, but there are so many people here I like to watch.

I vote for both… hehe.

Ellie :smiley:


for me, from all these names mentioned, it came down to DoctorBone and ZhuZhu.

let’s see, we are voting for contributor of the Year, then I have to go with ZhuZhu.

Reasons, zhuzhu has been posting some incredible tutorials, WIP, for example, for the people who follows Sijun’s SP thread, people consistently asking how the brush setting setup. That is some ‘secrets’ for some artists, but zhuzhu just posted that tutorial(tips, whatever you want to call it). He always shares his thoughts. This guy is amazing artist, his public works has reached number 767. I privately collect all his drawing because it is so inspiring.

DoctorBone has been tremendous too, but only one is allowed. :frowning:


well, spiritdreamer has helped me a LOT and zhuzhu is…well…zhuzhu. :smiley:


ZhuZhu is the mack daddy-o of awesomeness. Respect yo! :beer:


nebezial- I think that Stjepan´s work was very helpfull and his style is great for showing how to paint better :smiley:


way to dodge the bullet, rk!
zhu zhu it is then. :wink:



For different reasons… SpiritDreamer and ZhuZhu… I can’t do a final choice… just want the both :slight_smile:




Originally posted by Lolo: For different reasons… SpiritDreamer and ZhuZhu… I can’t do a final choice… just want the both :slight_smile:

I know what you mean…:D…of course, there’s also the Lolo to consider. :slight_smile:


Hahahahaha… certainly not… not have to consider a “tourist” of the 2d :scream:

:love: …


Originally posted by Lolo: Hahahahaha… certainly not… not have to consider a “tourist” of the 2d :scream:

:love: …

“Tourists” are most welcome! :slight_smile:


Im just new at CG talk, but from what I have seen Id say Zhuzhu or spiritdreamer.
Both are very talented people


Great , wanna vote too !!

mmh let see …

Spiritdreamer or ZhuZhu … for the Rockin’ prize …
Nebz or MichaelZHsee … for the wow prize …
Lemog … for the nut prize …
Gunie … for the yummy grapes prize …
Sabie … for the beginner-who-? prize …
And of course Beckie for the :bowdown: prize …

… sounds good ?