Please, I need a hand (help) with normal map.


Hello to all.

I’m a pro graph designer, for over 25 years.
I’m also a fanatic gamer. When I discovered the ELDER SCROLLS SKYRIM, I was (and still I am) very fanatic about it. Soon, I started modding the game with others’ mods… and now, the last 4-5 months, I’m making my own mods.

My last mod is a retexturing of a dirt cliff, see bellow:

My problem, is the normal map. I’m opening the diffuse file (, deleting the alpha, making the normal via Photoshop (3D->Generate Normal Map… or with the nVidia plugin).
But… the normal on the texture in the game is SUPER BRIGHT and GLOWS like if the cliff is made from… bronze.

The told me (using other program, the Gimp), that the normal should be ERASED (with the eraser tool) using 94% opacity. Is this normal?
Or… do you have another technique, to share and help me?

Regards for any reply and help.