PLEASE HELP!!! Vue 10 not working with my GTX580 video cards


Hello all
I have a dehlema in that for some reason I can’t see the modeling view in Vue 10. I have dual GTX570 video cards with 2 gigs a piece. I’ve had no problems using Vue in the past with other video cards and saw that someone on here is using Vue with the same GTX570 video cards just fine. However, I can’t seem to be able to see anything. I see the actual program interface and also can render just fine. But can’t model. I’ve updated my drivers to the very latest and still no dice.
I must also add that the same is happening when I try to use Poser.
I figure it has something to do with DIRECTX or OpenGL. I tried many things but it still won’t work. Please help


Did you reconfigure vue?
At installation vue keeps a record of settings and preferences that should be updated when you change any hardware.
just a suggestion, hope you figure it out soon.


Thank you for the reply. This happened the first time I installed Vue on this PC. So there were no previous settings to reconfigure. Aside from Vue, I have the same problem in Poser. As I said previously, I updated all the drivers and updated my Windows. Also tried reinstalling Poser and Vue again, but without success.


Thank you for your reply. This issue began from the first time I installed VUE on this PC. So there were no prior settings to configure. Also note, that I am having the same issue using Poser. All the drivers and updates on this PC are up to date but still can’t get these apps to work. I think that it might have something to do with the actual way the video card is set up, but am not sure what.