please delete the following thread


Hi, when i added a pic to my portfolio, i didnt realize it was going to be posted on the forum, i thought it was simply going to be in my portfolio and not linked to the main forum in a new thread that autocreated itself.

Could you please delete it.



At the bottom of the submit page there is a check box “Submit my image to the CGTalk Gallery”. Make sure that this is deselected if you don’t want the image submitted to the galleries. I removed your thread for you.


Actually, I have the reverse issue, quite a while ago one of my class mates posted up an image but was accidentally logged in under my name and now the image is showing up in my portfolio. Could I get the thread deleted please:

Thanks, I really appreciate it!


Thank you!

lesson learnt :slight_smile:


I don’t think removing the thread will change it’s status in the portfolio. However, under the manage portfolio options there is a check box next to the image thumbnail that allows you to turn on/off the images displayed in your portfolio. Notice in the attached image that I have a mysterious double post so I chose to not display one (until one of the Admin’s figures out the problem).

I did remove the image from the gallery though, since it is not your work.


Thanks Kirt, I had actually found that check mark as well, but I hadn’t realized he’d posted that under my name in the first place, so even being old I appreciate it getting deleted.

Edit: Oh, and for what its worth it does delete the image from your portfolio when the thread goes away.


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