Please Critique my site?


How’s it going folks! I’m currently working on a website for myself. This is my portfolio site that I will hopefully use to get a job. Please take a look and let me know what you all honestly think of the site. It is still under construction so any ideas as far as anything else I can add to it is not too late. Thanks for looking!
That’s the main site page that says under construction but you can either click the link that says “Take a sneak peek” or you can just go to the following link and that will take you there as well.
Thanks again! C&C welcomed!

      -= Bill =-


I’d at least add a cool image in the place of the movie before it loads. Right now it seem like there’s a hole in the middle of your site. People usually hate waiting for the first page to load at least give em something nice to look at in the meanwhile. Have you thought about different colors for different catagories? (wip,resume…) Because at the moment its hard to see where you are on the site. At least an underine under the current page or something. We’ll my rants over, hope you’ll find some usefull info


My only critique is that you need to compress the main movie A LOT more, it took about ten minutes to load on my Cable connection and it only goes for a short time.

Otherwise everything looks nice, especially the transitions. Can’t wait to see the rest.


Thanks for the Critiques guys I appreciate it. I’m going to be making a few changes this weekend to the site. Is there anything that you guys would like to see on a page like this (Anything missing)? Also, based what you have seen so far, as an employer would you hire me? The reason I ask is because I have already sent this link out to a few companies looking for a 3D modeler and I haven’t heard from a couple of them. I was thinking it may be because the lack of content on my site; maybe the lack of texturing.

Thanks again!

-= Bill =-


I think the lack of content would be one reason that no ones replying, but if you’re also aiming for a 3D modelling position then you should have a reel just for 3D stuff, as opposed to general multimedia.

I think an employer who’s looking for a flash developer would like this site though.

One thing you could add is a cool picture for the banner of the site, so when someone sees it they’ll have something to remeber the site by.


I’d wait till the sites a 100% finished then send out links. At the moment most it’s rather in it’s early alpha or beta. Polish it a bit more and it will shine :slight_smile:


Looks good so far. :thumbsup: But…

…the antialiased fonts look blurry. I’d recommend using pixel fonts.


Thanks for the posts guys! they’ll come in handy!

Nice signature!

Everybody Else is just green!
Have you seen the charts!
It’s a hell of a start that could be made into an offer if we all pull together as a team!

Keep those C&C coming folks!

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I’m a kind of Pink Floyd addict. :shrug:


me too
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