Please assist with mari 4.0


I have a problem.
This is what i did:

  1. I sculpted Dagger in Zbrush
  2. I retopoed dagger
    Note! Dagger is in 2 separate elements * Handle and * Blade
    I retopo-ed both as separate models
  3. I created UV-s for both models in Unfold 3D and saved models out.
    Note! Blade i saved out (from Unfold 3D with UV-s) to UV tile 1001 and handle i saved out in separate project as 1002 UV tile
    But now when i import those models 1 by 1 or both of them same time i will see only one model UV tile amd that is handle what is on UV tile 1002
    When i saved out those models as oposite (blade on uv tile 1002 and handle on UV tile 1001) i did see again handle that was now in uv tile 1001 and was not able to see blade UV tile.
    When i import ONLY blade then i see blade in UV tab
    Of course started to wonder should i separate different parts of blade when building shaders. (blade had multiple elements)
  4. tree roots 2. blade itself 3. bone parts


I would import one object with udims 1001 and 1002
make masks to dictate materials .
also when planing uvs make sure to keep uvs together on a material basis as its easier to isolate parts this way

on my blog I have a number of tutorials dealing with multi material painting in Mari