Pleas help with short animation concept


I am looking for anyone that cna help me. I am working on my final project for my Uni
and I kind of stuck with my idea, any advice

This project would be around 3-4 mins using 3d animation I want comedy and fantasy style

The main character would be a little devil who live in the darkness world. One day he relise that he just sees only the darkness and he want something new so he go to the gate which seperate darkness world and world of light. He try to get throught but he can’t. When he gives up suddenly the door just open. He hesitate but still move forward. In the world of light is full of beautiful things and kindness angel with a beautiful halo. That’s make he really want to have it because it might turn him to be a beautiful angel. He try to steal the halo while the angel try to avoid devil. Finally the devil took the halo and run back to the gate in order to gain safetyness but he can’t get to the gate. He turn around and face the angly angel.

Here is my idea of the story which need lots of improvement.
And the problem with this story is, my lecture said the I play with people believe and I need to research more which I already did. But As I research I got very confuse and can’t think of anything. Lots’ of question came up : Can devil want to be good and can angel be bad or get angly? The end of the story Should they switch the place or they both turn to human. every action of the character need to have reason and meaning.

Please give some feedback or any resource that I can look throught???
Thank you


Hey man I like what you have so far, it is good to ask questions about characters to see how they think and react… What you have to do is find out what limits the character. Like the Angels… if their good creatures they wouldn’t get angry…or try to fight or anything like that… Now if they were warrior angels that’s a different story. You have a cool idea and can go very far… but you need a better ending. Here is my suggestion, when the little devil crosses to the light side and sees all the nice things and the beautiful things… Have him scared after all hes in a world hes never seen before. Then he sees the angels and is stunned by their beauty and have camera shots and cuts that explain how he comes to the conclusion that the halo is what makes them good ( you have to make the viewers understand the characters thought process) Then when he figures out that the halo is what he needs… have him attempt to get the halos a few times in a bunch of comical actions that fail… until he finally succeeds… when he succeeds maybe u can have the angel start to die as the little devil takes the halo farther away from him… Then maybe the devil realizes whats his actions are doing and maybe he feels bad and gives the halo back… and feels ashamed and sad cause hes never gonna be like them. Then in appreciation the angels can turn him into one of them (maybe the angels talk to a celestial cloud that can be God or something and convince God to turn the devil into one of them…

Give your characters solid reasons for doing the things they do and I’m sure you will come up with cool stuff. Also remember to show the viewers exactly what the character is feeling and thinking.

I hope this helps man, good luck

Emil Torres


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