Playmobil: The Movie Reportedly Had A Budget Of $75 Million, Opened To Less Than A Million In The U.S


Many movie fans and would-be box office pundits often keep their sights on the biggest movies of the year. The landmarks of success and failure for studio blockbusters certainly varies from project to project, but in the end they all have a pretty clear place where they need to “hit” to be considered a success. Sometimes films fly so far under the radar, and fail so spectacularly, not only do fans not notice them crash and burn, but neither did audiences. The latest major flop of 2019 has officially arrived, and you may not have realized it was here, let alone that it was the biggest flop of the year.


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Funny, I hadn’t heard of the Playmobil movie before seening this post. And 26 days later, I haven’t heard anything more about it since. Could that have been part of the problem?