Pipeline to create Voronoi Meshes


Hello everyone. I hope this is the right section to ask this.

Anyway, I would like to implement a Maya plugin (this question is independent from Maya) to create 3d Voronoi patterns, Something like this:

I just know that I have to start from point sampling (I implemented the adaptive poisson sampling algorithm described in this paper ). I thought that, from those points, I should create the 3D wire of the mesh applying Voronoi (I tried to use scipy.spatial.Voronoi but the result was something different from what I expected). So I am missing something? Can anyone suggest the proper pipeline and algorithms I have to implement to create such patterns?


from the logical point of view its not that hard.

if you are familar with the voronoi procedure, you only need have to the take the border edges, offset those along its normals and create the triangles. afterwards extrude them and smooth those.

thats all.

but as we all know it takes a bit longer as it seems.



What about voronoi patterns?