Pinched poles in C4D's spherical camera - VR question


I’m showcasing some of my artworks in 360 VR on a new YouTube channel, just for fun.

The results from Redshift, Corona and VRay are all flawless and very easy to set up, with the details being maintained when you look directly up or down, for example

However, in C4D’s render engine with 360 set up, I keep running into the same issue with pinched or distorted poles, where there’s a very distinct wrap around effect that I can’t avoid.

Any suggestions as to whether it’s possible to get a clean spherical render directly out of C4D?


Have you tried pole smoothing in the camera’s stereoscopic tab?


I’m on R20 and don’t see that option.


Hmmm. In my r20 spherical camera stereoscopic tab, I see ‘Top Pole Smoothing’ and ‘Bottom Pole Smoothing’. If spherical camera is not enabled you won’t see the smoothing setting in the stereoscopic tab.


Good stuff. I don’t really see the problem though.

Did you have trouble adding meta data to get the video up on youtube?


Hey, thanks scientiaViz, didn’t see your response.

Smurfted - Exporting out of Premiere, you can chose ‘Video is VR’ in media encoder. It add meta data for you.
If your video is Stereoscopic, you can also indicate whether it’s ‘side by side’ or ‘top to bottom’ footage.
To the best of my knowledge, at least in my submissions, Youtube supports top to bottom only.

Also keep in mind, for some reason exporting directly out of After Effects and media encoder is painfully slow.
One five minute video with a few compositing layers, wanted to take 9hrs+ (on a 32 core machine)

However, if you export your comps as jpg sequences and run them through premiere, that same 9hr’s worth of processing, looks more like 10-20 minutes.