Pin constraint problems...


I have a scene where i am attaching a cape to a character, everytime i do a pin
constraint the pins vertex’s are created at the center of the grid rather then where
they are, so its creating issues in my simultation. This is the first time i’ve ran into
this problem, does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance


There is an issue with syFlex and maya working units. I would recommend changing your working units to centimeters. That will fix your problem. I’m guessing you are set to meters right now. If so, and you can’t go back to centimeters, I wrote a script that bypasses the nail/pin procedures that will fix your error if you are still using meters.

It is in my earlier post here:


set your linear working units to less than a meter…

known problem in syflex v3.5x

said to fixed in 3.6


thanks for the help, that fixed the issue.


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