Photosop : Christ


Hey everyone,

I want to post this here, see how it works. Im getting ready to finish it, and really would like some critiques. The image posted is about 1/4th of the original size, so when I get home I will post the large version.

Thanks in advance,


Less Contrast:


More Contrast:


hey, i like it!
about the 3 contrasts… i like the one with less contrast, its darker and invites one to think and feel, while the version with more contrast is more red and maybe more violent…
nice composition


Thanks elmasfeo.

The painting is done, and you can see the final version here :




jesus christ . . . . . . :o


Hoi Bartosz!

Crop it! You dont need the lower part. Put your hand over the lower part of the painting just under his beard and you can see the painting gets more powerfull. The upper body detracts from the head. I like the most contrast rich version myself!

Greetings Kanga


It looks fantastic Bartosz. I think one improvement you could possibly make would be to show more emotion on his face. This is the ‘Son of God’ being crucified. I think you need to show more feeling to evoke a greater feeling from the reader.

Aside from that, well done!


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