Photoshop tiling plugin?


Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin similar to the title.

Similar to the way pressing space on the canvas in Substance designer infinitely tiles the material.

Cheers, Bob.


This is a repeat plugin for Photoshop. Textile designers who can’t afford textile CAD software have used this to create repeats for the industry.

It will work just as well for creating tiled textures for any other application. It is a little bit pricey though. Not as pricey as textile CAD software though.


$960 seems a bit pricey. Here is one for $35, and you can get a trial version:

Also there is a free one. Here is a video of it working:


I forgot about Pixplant. It’s $129, but can be used standalone or inside Photoshop.


Oh, I agree the pricetag was high. But, the toolset is decent.

I like what I see on the Orangebox photoshop plugins site.