Photoshop: Layer Masks from Channel Selections



Having trouble using a Layer Mask to create Highlights in a photo.

I have an image of rhino skin I would like to really punch the highlights on in a targeted way and am not having success getting the ‘stencil’ effect I’m after.

Here’s what I’m trying to do

I select the image layer and switch to the ‘Channels’ tab. I select the blue channel, duplicate it, adjust for contrast and Ctrl/Click the icon to make a selection of the lightest areas. I switch back to the ‘Layers’ tab, thinking I can now make a layer mask and use the Channel Selection as a stencil to paint with, but when I do that and try to paint (even though I can see the selection is in place), everything is colored, not just the ‘Mask’ areas. Can anyone help with what I’m missing? Thanks!


Tim Lawrence
Conservation Arts

p.s. - tried to upload a screen shot but the forum uploader will only accept images too small to view the selection details.