Photoshop Import for .img


Is anyone using Toby Thains plug in with Photoshop CS5?
I’ve been trying to get it to recognize .img files for the past half hour and no matter what I do they remain inaccessible.


I contacted Toby when I first got CS5 a few weeks ago.
There is a CS5 version of the plug planned, but it is not yet even in beta testing.

I am keeping my older version of Photoshop around for easy conversion.

Other options are:
Quicktime Player (with Image QT component installed) can open and save in a different format.

Render to PNG instead of IMG (only for “local” camera renders- Renderama cannot yet stitch PNG format).



Graphic Converter can load and save native Electric Image .img files




I think it’s been accepted practice to render to JPEG or a QuickTime codec instead of .img for awhile. Folks have indicated that there’s no problem doing that. That’s not going to help with existing renders, however. If you have After Effects, it’ll open .img files without the Toby Thain plug in. It doesn’t need any plug in at all.

Graphic Converter is a good idea too.



Thanks for all the replies guy’s. Quite by accident I stumbled on another solution.
I have some other plugs for Photoshop that will only work in 32bit - so, open the ‘get info’
box’ (I’m on a Mac), and click the checkbox for open in ‘32 bit mode’. Open Photoshop and
Toby’s plug seems to work perfectly.


Hi Michael,

Good to know. Thanks!



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