Photoshop Brushes


Hi so I am very new to digital painting and i’m looking for new brushes in Photoshop. Currently i’m using the default brushes (I just started using an oil brush) but when doing normal illustrations i usually use acrylic and gouache. I was wondering if anyone could push me in the direction of brushes of similar properties. Id also like to get a very paper/ popup book feel to my illustrations. Unsure if that helps.


If you don’t mind paying for photoshop brushes, Kyle Webster has a set of gouache brushes for $7 USD that you might like. Of course, there are plenty of free brushes available on the internet that are just a search engine query away, but most of these free brushes are just the brush shape and basic settings. Kyle has done a lot of tweaking with his brush settings so that they closely mimic the behavior of the actual brushes. And that’s why I tend to recommend his brushes to people who are new to digital painting but already have some experience with natural media.


You might want to take a look at Corel Painter. I think it would be a better match for what you’re trying to do, especially since you already have experience with real world painting.