Photogrammetry workflow



i have been given a quite a complex model created with photogrammetry (or videogrammetry i think) and it’s quite a mess. I have an fbx and 40 diffuse maps that go with it. My model has 40 different UVs if i understand correctly. What i want to achieve is to get it into zbrush, pass the diffuse info into polypaint, clean my geometry, fill the holes, create fewer and simpler UVs and bake the polypaint info to new texture maps. There are somethings however that i don’t get and i can’t start with it.

My model seems to have some color info even if i don’t set any texture map on it. Even if i just import it in 3ds max/zbrush/unity my model is colored. Where does that information come from? Is it from vertex colors? As you can see in the 2 screens 3ds max and zbrush both has color information but in zbrush is a lot more blurry.

Any ideas?