Photogrametry of a location from various drone shots from YouTube


Hello Guys and Gals,

I’m trying to get a 3D scan of a cliffy location - only need a rough but fairly accurate model, which I’m later going to refine in Mudbox.

I’m running first tests using meshroom and various drone shots I found on YouTube. I know… I’m mad :slight_smile:
Naturally, none of the footage is intended for photo scanning of what I exactly happen to want so I’m trying to combine different fly paths (obviously each in different lighting condition :slight_smile: ) to cover the entire locations.

Altho, I’d say, I’m satisfied with what I’m getting from a single footage reconstruction, however, Meshroom offers the Augmented Reconstruction option where it’s trying to match different sets of images, but it seems to me I’m wishing too much :slight_smile: It is not able to match the two sets - to find how they belong together - and, altho computing for a while, it is not adding new points to the structure.

My question is…
Has anyone tried such an approach? Perhaps using different software? Is it any doable?
Perhaps there is a way to give Meshroom a hint - manually show features that need to be matched - kinda kikstart the reconstruction.

…or am I left with the option of running different footage individually and then trying to combine these in 3D?

Best regards