Photo-modeling and camera tracking for ArchViz, how?


I am afraid this is a double post. The original one is here Photo-modeling and camera tracking for ArchViz, how? but my intention is to post in the right place to reach the right people so I get the right answers :smile:

I need both photo modeling (I know some software, both paid and open source) and camera tracking for arch viz projects. Is there anything that does both things at the same time? Or should I first photo scan an environment, scale it properly, then do a camera track on the video and finally put the two things together - if so, what tools can help me achieve this?

I am also thinking to rent a drone and match digital assets to filmed materials. I think I need the photo-models as reference, eg to receive shadows and stuff like that.

Maybe thatโ€™s not at all the proper way to do things. Please share your best practice opinions.