Phoenix FD not render with backburner


I am using V-Ray 4.10.03 and Phoenix FD version 3.13
I created a smoke and Resimulation for wavelet, and tried to render it through a Backburner.
But the image was not rendered through the Backburner.
However, if I manually render the frame by specifying the frame, the image will rendered normally.
Is there anything I need to set up to render a resimulated thing?


Hello, I hope you solve your problem untill now I will tell how I do all Phoenix FD renders thru the backburner.
I use Backburner only for job management. To render PhoenixFd over a renderfarm or multiple computers the best solution is to harness the computing power on one machine and you can do that if you setup distributed rendering in vray. On the Settings tab in the System category there is a checkbox named Distributed rendering. Before checking that box you need to start on all your computers the Vray DR Spawner if you use the CPU render option. After you did that you Check Distributed rendering. Near that check there is a big button named Settings In there you need to add manually the name of the servers that have Vray DR Spawner and after that push the top button Resolve servers. If you will see the network Ip’s all is set well. Now go to the main Floating window and instead Production rendering Mode choose Submit to network rendering - from this point everything is easy. If you use GI for your render solution remember to use Brut Force both primary and secondary with 1 Bounce. I hope this message will help you. Be well