Phoenix FD and fans?


I’ll admit I’ve not read every page of the manual, but I’m struggling with doing anything fan like. I’ve also watched numerous tutorials but haven’t seen anyone do anything like this.

If you wanted to have a cigarette with a stream of smoke sat next to a desk fan that’s angling around, how are you meant to simulate this and have the smoke blow out across the room?

I feel it could be done with forces and turbulence within the flow field, but the forces and effects are all globals with only basic falloffs. There doesn’t seem to be a way to generate a force within the flow field that is discrete, without actually moving solid geometry around to influence the field.

The alternative is to simulate an actual geometry fan, I’ve tried this with high FPS (low iterations per frame), or normal FPS and high iterations per frame, and the smoke and particles (if I send drag particles out), still get stuck around the fan.
However the flow field does seem to be distorted appropriately in a localised fashion, just the particles and smoke voxels are getting ‘stuck’ somehow.

It’s not a high priority issue, this is just me playing with the demo and trying to do the ‘classic’ smoke from a cigarette blown by a moving desk-fan thing, but with proper dynamics.