Phillips Exeter Academy Library, Alex Roman (3D)


Title: Phillips Exeter Academy Library
Name: Alex Roman
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, Photoshop, VRay

Hello everyone!

Want to share my last personal project! It’s a Louis Kahn building designed and built a few decades ago.
I always wanted to reproduce a Kahn’s masterwork. I think he’s one of the best architects from the 20th century and
my fovorite by far :wink: After study for long his works, then i finally decided that one.
A bit playaround with volumes, materials and lighting -of course-. I also decide to leave it empty from books, it’s more
like a raw geometrical space purpose. I wanted also to keep it clean from the begining but it became more and more rusty and grunge…

I really hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Here’s a B&W wallpaper small link if you want it!

All the best!


as usually, is great¡¡¡ every aspect looks real… keep it up man.


great as always… your work inspires me to improve…


wow ,super lighting!


woww lighting is very good friend , congralations.:smiley:


I love the light. It bounces off in wonderful ways. Could you give us more info. How long it took that sort of thing i’m curious.


well, what can u say…? these are killer works! obviously frontpage! U take realism to a new level,man!5 stars flat!


lovely renders!


Frontpage stuff indeed !!! This is just unbelievable. Just makes me want to visit this thing… 5***** !


Wrong section: should be in the amazing photogrphy forum. 10 stars! I would have given 20 but some of the wood texutures are repeating… hard not to with the thousands of wood panels. I searched for hours though to find something :wink:

Special merit for the lighting, the subtle bokeah/dof effects and the bloom. Love the photo treatment also. Empty bookshelfs are awesome.


Brilliant lighting!


Wow! it looks so realistic! Textures, lighting, everything.
5 stars!!!


Photorealism is your must…great as always!!



Phenomenal work!
The 3rd image is just perfect.


sorry I missed a question.
Did you use linear workflow or any gamma correction for this fabulous piece.


well done again!


:thumbsup: I like your renders


absolutely stunning, as always!


So far so good!
it appeals to like handlings the light to me
you are a point of reference in CG. Good Job!


great render men