PFlow Script Operator Renderfarm CRASH help!



I was recently testing scripted operator in Particle Flow on Render farm. Scripted operator is used to read the particle positions, then create mesh from appended geometry objects in that positions. Everything works fine when all particles are generated at once.

My main problem is that scene crashes when Pflow continuously births new particles, and Script operator has to deal with it.
I tried to use callbacks, making script work externally, wrapped in function, from file etc.

Can it be that repository needs to get the total number off particles?
Do i have to cache particle somehow ?(this is not plausible solution, be cause i wish to use pflow dynamically, and send some tests on RF )

Using Deadline via RPmenager.

Any help will be appreciated .



You can be “dynamic” when creating your scenes, realistically, best practice, you should always cache particles before you render, especially if you are using a renderfarm. This ensures predictable results. A single machine is one thing, using multiple machines totally different story.