Pflow inherit color from fumefx smoke for krakatoa partitioning



I’m having trouble figuring something out and i hope someone here may have some insight. I have a fumefx simulation with 2 different smoke colors mixing together. I am using the fumefx pflow follow to move the particles along with the sim but i cant figure out how to make the particles inherit the color from the fumefx smoke so i can partition/render with krakatoa. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

I would prefer to use the pflow follow instead of the krakatoa fumefx prt loader since you get nicer results despite the much longer creation times.

Is it possible to bypass coloring the pflow particles and do it through magma editor? I need the colors to mix the same way it does in the smoke so simply mapping by age or velocity etc wouldnt work. Is there some way to make magma inherit from fumefx?

Any help would be much appreciated.