Peugeot Allscape-Feel the Wind, Un Labriego + Gustavo Ferrero (3D)


Title: Peugeot Allscape-Feel the Wind
Name: Un Labriego + Gustavo Ferrero
Country: Venezuela
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

This is part of my entry for the 4th Peugeot, design Contest 2007.
Many hours in concept sketches before getting digital.
2D drawing and analisys in DcadVector Space
Modeled and rendered in Cinema4D 9.5
Finished in Photoshop CS2

More images in my Portfolio.

If you are interested in thech specs, or details of this concept, or want to see the rest of the preselected candidates, go to

I hope you like it. Crits and comments welcome!


The concept doesn’t seem too practical, although much more thought out than most of the bubble designs I’ve seen. There are some excessive features & some other things that would make it not very functional, but it’s much better than most concepts I see. As far as what you do have going for you . . . it looks like a light-weight speedy street car combined with some minor off-road capabilities. I guess that would make it work well in a snowy environment.

I think the aesthetics are well done, it looks cool. I like the proportions they’re very close to perfection. The aggressivness is a little messy, but aesthetically appealing.

Hopefully my comments make sense, good luck & keep up the good work! Honestly? It’s the first pugeot-design-contest concept that I’ve seen and liked (I’m picky and hate bubble cars).

  • Jon


Hey man, nice to see you around here in CGTalk, awesome and detailed work! it was certainly a pleasure to help you with the render setups.

you´re too modest to say this is actually one of the 30 finalist :slight_smile: . good luck at the contest




nice concept man! i’ve recently started on a concept car, and I hope it turns out something like yours.


Beautiful image!

The concept, modelling and render are very good. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado (ALPINE)
[]( 356)


Amazing… absolutely beautiful! I love the design and the render is very realistic as well! Great work!!


Looks awesome, but as PhantomDesign said it wouldn’t work quite well practically. I’m curious for example how it would be for the backwheels if it get jumpy and it touches the upper part which I don’t know the name of. I guess the suspension needs to be quite hard. Also the safety if you would be in an accident doesn’t seem to be too promising.

Aesthetically you get 5/5 though and CGTalk is about art. :thumbsup:


well done. nice attention to detail. adding a tread pattern to the sand and removing the shine from the spare tire or detailing the spare more would be my only comment.

i really like the polorized glass effect.


beautiful work I really like the concept. As for being “practical” … please.


love the image the design is really cool I hope you win and they actually have to build that thing. That would be awesome!


This concept is like a beautifull toy for bad boys.
I saw the other views of this concept car in your gallery, and i must say is very very nice. The front view is showing a very nervous car. Full of energy.
Initially started with low score (Im wondering why), but Im glad, as more are seeing it is “climbing up”. I think it really deserve and Im glad its on the front page.
I`m not an automotive designer, but please accept my congrats!


Looks like a sweet concept in my eyes. I would take it for a spin for sure. I’m also glad to see that it looks like a car! I’m sorry if I step on the artist toes from the last years winner but did the Moovie even have wheels let alone a cup holder? Okay I think it had little rollers but those are not going to make it over speed bumps let alone some gravel on the road! Your concept looks a lot sportier and to be blunt just looks like a fun ride.

–Oh yea, nice composite also!


if I had a license and lived in the future and was rich that would be a cool car to buy dude.


I love it! Very imaginative, nicely designed and modeled.
The spectral tint on the glass is a nice touch.
—Like the fact that it was done in C4D too.



Very clean and plausible. you manage to avoid the miniature look of most car models.


5 stars!


congratulation for a well deserved front page ,
not only the design is nice … but the presentation as well

any chance to get some better view of the cars ? even open gl screen shot
it would allow the people to apreciate the design work

5 stars from me


one of the coolest concepts I have seen in a loooong time! Keep it up,this rocks!


This design is absolutely amazing.


As i said in my last post , i had the pleasure to help gustavo in the rendering process, its incredible the amount of detail he achieved in his design. Here are some extra studio shots that we hadnt time to present to the contest. there are two series: one with the interchangable external tranparent plates , and one without it just with the structural bones. i hope you like it.




yep looks very well done, nice to see it’s among the finalists. I love the concept for an RC car or something like that but I agree with phantomDesign about it not being very practical as a real car. But as far as cool-looking goes it certainly has my vote.


All this needs is a couple dash mounted gun turrets and you’re all set.