Personal bugs and suggestions


I’d like to contribute to this beta, however, I haven’t got much time to read up on everyone’s posts regarding this, since my pc at home is at the shop and I’m only online at work, I’ll post the bugs I come across in here.

  • First thing that bothered me is that no spaces are allowed in the username, so much for spaces in your cgtalk name… I’d like spaces, perhaps changing spaces to an underscore, or the symbol that’s generally used b[/b], just for the url… that’d be cool…

  • Second, when first signing in, I read this "Your Last visit was January 01, 1970. Your last blog entry was January 01, 1970. " Probably a known issue and not that important, just letting it know.

  • Another thing that might be missing, the ability to pm network members easily, like perhaps clicking the avatar and getting the same menu when you click the avatar in cgtalk… dunno


I am relatively certain the 1970 bug is just an initialization of the MySQL date field. By default, a unix timestamp of 0 sets the time at… well, I thought it was sometime in 1969, but maybe it was 1970.


Unfortunately, we’re not offering you a URL, we’re offering you a domain, which has a different set of rules. There are no spaces, and no underscores;

Whilst we could re-map your account name automatically, there is currently the possibility for the users “user name” and “user-name” and “user_name” to exist on cgtalk, and the automatic mapper would have to map them all to “user-name” which is the only valid one. Keeping with wanting user’s to retain the same identity between portfolio and CGTalk, the only solution is for users to change their user name to suit.


I understand, another thingy;

Hello [i]target[/i],
 [i]Sender[/i] has sent you a network request, with the  following [b]request[/b]:[i]message[/i]
 You  can accept by  visiting:
 Or  reject by  visiting:

First message I got had the urls working, last two I had to copy paste…Space missing or something? The following request is supposed to be message I guess?


Another thing, the network system is a bit off purpose I think, popular people will get tons of requests and then there’s not much point to the network, linking to all the fans… I know that the artist in particular has to accept the invitation, but someone who’s too kind, wouldnt dare to reject an invitation.

Perhaps it would be better to keep the network in groups of 5, if you want to see the next 5, you click the next page, underneath the network section, or something. Also, have the artist chose the order of the network, so (s)he can pick 5 artists that relate most to their work…

Just a thought, nothing important, I just don’t see the point of the network if everyone wants to be linked to the masters.


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