PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I don’t know weather it will make NorthernChild happy…

The Dinner
Ps. 45min (time limit - 20min)


ooooh I’m so glad that you remember about me :love: happy happy happy

Your picture great as always)
Have you ever seen bio-punk musical film “Repo! The Genetic opera.”? Looks like you draw some scene from it… new kind of Graverobber hahaha.
If you don’t see it - you should! )))


Nice!! When can we expect new process videos?! Can’t wait!! :smiley:



I’ve said this before but WOW; and the wow just keeps on getting bigger.
Your stuff is looking absolutely stunning.

There’s such a great mood, emotion, themes, ideas and it’s all so well presented.

Really amazing stuff.

Keep up the good work, One day i’ll get you to teach me a cool trick or two :stuck_out_tongue: but until then don’t worry you can sleep soundly without nightmares haha


haha me too!!! But I’m first, I’m closer a little bit :arteest:

yes, Peleng, why don’t you make some video stuff? It would be great - to see work process


He-he. Thank you!
I’ll try to make video later, when there’ll be more free time. I don’t like to mess with captured video before posting it anywhere. It takes me a lot of time… :slight_smile:

Ps, about 3hrs

(In my player: CocoRosie - God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me)


Radiohead, CocoRosie…
Few more and I’ll think you are listening to my playlist… :slight_smile:

nice works… downtime isn’t my favorite but still… nice…


Excellent work Sergey, i was watching youtube video you posted, interesting. Would you like to share brush you used for drawing, i like it?



ooooh where? O__O wanna see it! Link please :bounce:


Mateja, thank you, mate! About the brush, here is a link to my brushes, feel free to use them if you want. The brush from the video is the third one called “Sampled Brush 3”.

deadrockboy, he-he, lets check it. Few more: Kasabian, Mr. Bundle…

NorthernChild, here it is:


Wow man, thanks a lot for the brushes, I’ll definitely try them out as well! :smiley:


:bowdown: amazing process.
and thanks for brushes, I’m not sure it helps me to draw better (haha I know what helps - practice!) but I love test different brushes ^___^


warpv, NorthernChild you are welcome!

Here we go with the video:

The Veteran
Ps 50min

Video of sketching


Hey Sergey thanks for brushes, i will try them out today.
edit> i have problem downloading them, actualy it download 0 bytes?



Hi Mateja, yes there is a problem with this hosting.
Try this one:


Works fine, i downloaded them, thanks.



No… not mine after all :slight_smile: but I might chek that out :slight_smile: Saw Kasabian live thou… wasn’t impressed at the time…

Nice veteran pic…


Mateja, great!
deadrockboy, yeah, thank you.

The Hunter

Ps 70min


i’m curious how you start such a painting. do you start with a clear vision in mind
or do you start loosely and let the picture evolve? do you use some references?
also do you always start with shapes, light and colors or do you sometimes start
from a drawing?

i just want to say that you’re a huge inspiration and big thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us :wink:


Thank you, manitwo!
Well, usually I start with clear idea of what I want to see. Some details and lightning may change during drawing, but all picture (composition, character, colors, mood) is in my mind when I’m starting.
I don’t use references. I don’t know why, but I prefer not to use them. Sometimes when there is a problem with mood, lights or certain effects I may google some similar pictures just to see how it can be solved. I don’t even open this pics in Ps, they are just as inspiration.
I prefer to start with rough B/W shapes in order to get right composition, then I add colors and details.

For about the last sketch, 70min is a clean drawing time. Before it I had two more attempts of starting.:slight_smile: I couldn’t get the right pose and silhouette, so I began drawing from a blank canvas two times, then I went up to the mirror and tried to make a pose that I want, after it I returned to computer and started again at the third time. And everything was fine at this time. So, in most cases it is hard for me to do all things right quickly, but I try…:slight_smile: