PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Daily Sketch Hero.


that was really inspiring man, great ideas and great execution…keep them coming mate :slight_smile:


Those are truly amazing sketches.
I can’t pick one as my favorite. All are great.
Impressed with the way you simulate lens’ effects: dof, flare, motion, etc.


:applause:i love all your sketches
P.S. u menya netu slov ,ti super, ti … udachi :bowdown:


I wish I found this tread sooner, great work… I remember your Nvidia entry, it was my favorite. Great to see more of your work…
Hope you’ll find work soon if you haven’t already


this thread rokz! :wip: - some of your ideas are really funny - I love the red door!


Hi! Sergey! I can’t wait your new work! Your last work is super awesome! :bounce: My congratulations with AWARD! You so cool man! :arteest:


Very cool Sergey. Awesome ideas!

I love “The Passenger”


man i m sorry i see you only just now!!
ur works are brilliant,genial and inspired!!!


Thank you! Thank you!
Let’s do it again.
Now I’ll try something different. I’m gonna give myself a second topic filter. For example, the DSF topic was “P!nk”. And I’m telling to myself that its gonna be a
Weapon Week.

Ps 35min


Are we there yet?
Ps 45min


Something wicked happened here
Ps 1hr


Great! More stuff…

It sure is [b]wicked :slight_smile:

Pink (not singer) is great, so dinamic. And so “traditional” :slight_smile:

And congrats on “it’sArt” award


Amazing as always! You know what would be great?! If you could post some recorded, sped-up caption videos of you working on a piece on YouTube. That would be awesome to watch! :smiley:


deadrockboy, thank you! :buttrock:

warpv, thank you! Yeah, nice idea. I’ve done a capture as you suggested.

The Bad Man Ps 30min
Here is a link to captured video of drawing on youtube:


Thanks a lot for doing that man, that’s awesome! :smiley: Whenever you get the chance you should keep posting these, cause it’s really an inspiration to see how you work! Great stuff!


something wicked happened here has got to be my favorite drawing in this thread so far keep it up man


Next-Gen Character concept
Ps about 4hr


oh here I am again
new sketches is awesome, you know it

But “Something wicked happened here” oh it’s so impressive, so sad and scary… love how you draw the atmosphere in your quick sketches, yeah[b]

[/b]Want to see more finished works, please, dear Peleng, you should make us all happy


Good Lord, dude, you rock! :buttrock: