PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Thank you so much!

I would like to continue with comic as soon as I can (I have no enough time for now :sad: ).

Snake eyes
Ps 50min

Ps 45min


The Little Black Dress
Ps About 3hrs


Awesome as always! Keep em’ coming! :smiley:


Thanks a lot, warpv!

The Fourth Kind
Ps 1h 30min


Oh I wasn’t here for a long time ) And now I see new great sketches :slight_smile:

Snake Eyes is my favorite, interesting and funny… and I love this format of the picture
Keep it up man )


Thank you very much, Child from North!

Here is quickly update for you!:slight_smile:
The Boxer
Ps 50min


The Bride
Ps 60min


interesting… aaa… dress :eek:


:eek: Klevo!


Here is the sketch I’ve done today in the village with pen and paper.


good job on this last sketch :buttrock: Peleng you never cease to impress


You…are amazing.

You bleed inspiration!


Oh my god… i love all your sketches…

You rock! :bowdown:


wow I became a fan of your works*****


Thank you very much!

After the Rain
Ps 50min

City of Spires
Ps 1hr


A visit to the Aquarium
Ps 60min


he he, love idea on last one :wink:



These sketches are awesome! Truly inspirational, hope to see a lot more in the future. Don’t stop showing the progression of your work over time - I enjoy seeing the process of your artistry as I am sure many others do as well. :slight_smile:


awesome work. i specially love your compositions.


Keep em’ coming! :wip: They are awesome! And yeah, please keep posting some progress shots of each sketch, would love to see how they develop!