PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


I just realized that you have been able to ad fantastic and amazing sketches here without a me knowing… :eek:

fixed :thumbsup:


wow, this is a real gem! thanks for sharing PELENG! takecare.


Very nice sketches, they are just beautiful and I love your style.

That has allways been a big problem for me, dont really have my own style I think. working on it but no idea how to get there.

Can you maybe take a look at my sketchbook, think you will have some tips for me and I can learn alot from you, thats for shore. :wink:


Thank you very much, your comments are making me draw and draw more. :slight_smile:
Daw, you are always welcome!
PaulZant, thanks a lot! I’ll visit your sketchbook as soon as I can!

And I will continue
Concept Design - Queen of the Rocketmen


very awesome sketches,PELENG. If you choose to call these as sketches that is, they are just a short step away from finish pieces from my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

it seems that your ideas tends to central around a plausible and do able idea, and then either twist, exaggerate or add in a additional element that makes the audience think " what if" and a “wow, that might just happen” sense ;).

i definitely need to study your technique and work flow and implement that style to my work in the near future.

keep going PELENG! go go go!


wow Capitan Peleng, it’s amazing! O__O
one of my favorite sketches here in your thread!


Thank you for a comment, Peleng!)
I’m working on my painting skills, but i’m still too far from your’s :slight_smile:
Nice sketches, as always!


Thank you!
Here is another concept for Queen of the Rocketmen


Excellent work, love it.



Thank you, Mateja! :beer:


Love the latest concept for queen of the rocketmen! it’s great stuff man!


[b]Road trip and Late is my favorite.
keep up the great work!



Thank you for your comments!

The Green Flag
Ps 1hr

The Sheep


wow, i love your sketches. all of them!
great sense of humor!


INCREDICLE stuff! :bowdown: It’s been a real pleasure to go through your thread and I will definitely be following it in the future! Those are such amazing sketches (if one can call them that!), so many diverse ideas, compositions, etc. So good it’s mind-blowing! Keep it up! :smiley:


sheep lols!

great fun!


Peleng please post more of your comic…
And BTW you should make a proposal to a american comic book company… This is great stuff


Very cool! Nice composition! :applause:


I agree with Robert! :smiley:


Oh my, fantastic sketches here. Congratulations.
:slight_smile: Inspiring

Wish you success with the new job search, you have amazing skills, you can work anywhere in the world. Good luck !