PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


The Blue Pirate
Ps 20min (Radiohead - Go Slowly in headphones)

The Blue and the Gray
Ps 57min (Radiohead - Reckoner in headphones)


The Villain
Ps 55min

Bigger is Better
Ps 1hr 10min


The Mismatched Man
Painter 2hr


i m p r e s s i v e gallery, thank you for sharing your work, and your creative process


Love it. Hope to see more of your work



hey sergey!

lovely sketches you got here.
i like the colors and sense of scale in your pictures.
just saw your dw4 entry. wow, that one is awesome. my favorite actually.



One of my favorite threads here, really :slight_smile:

Great sketches, dear Peleng, I’m your fan )))))



really great and inspiring work.



Thank you! :wavey:
I’ll continue.
The human footprint
Ps 50min


The lost girl
Ps 65min


The lighthouse and The Wave
Ps 50min


Love it all!
especially thanks for step-by-step pictures ^___^


нет слофф-одни слюни! я тож так хочУ!! :bowdown:


Your work, your style, your brilliance, it’s so much more than just humbling. I’m in awe and so happy to browse through your sketches! Thank you very, very much! You’re deeply an artist with phenomenal understanding and senses! Congrats! :bowdown:


Thanks to all! Really glad to here you like it!

And here we go…

The Passenger
Ps 50min


ha ha!
Very nice)


I’ll happily join the chorus of praise. The best thing I can say is that it was great fun looking through all these and I got a real jolt of pleasure each time to see the way you interpreted the themes for the daily sketches. Add to that the solidity of many of your compositions and poses. Thanks for sharing these pictures.



So good, bug like fast cars.



Max, thank you, buddy!
scarliley, you is always welcome! Thank you.
Mateja, and fast cars like bugs! :slight_smile:


The Passenger
Ps 60min

Hunter killer
Ps 50min