PELENG's Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Nice done Peleng
really like your style and the use of brush, the idea and composite is nice too
i only have a wish you use your own website as image hosting or
because the one you use now is filtered in Iran
and please show us some of your figure gesture drawings



Your sketches have such depth to them, your talent goes far beyond technical mastery. I love your stuff, I’m always looking forward to seeing more. Keep it up, you’re an inspiration!


This is some crazy good stuff man…


… just awesome,
great style, ideas … sweet!


I like your style, the way you use digital medium like traditional, the way you play with dark silhouettes is cool also.

Inspiring stuffs ! :slight_smile:


Excellent work, man! Love the humor.


your sketches are amazing, very unique idea delivered in strong form and color! thanks


I would love to see a time lapse of you sketching. Very inspiring work indeed.


Hi, thanks to all!
Now I’ll wright a time of sketching.
The Work Horse Photoshop, about 1h 15min

Castaway Photoshop, 55min


oh, my goodness!!! lots of fun!!! brilliant!!!:beer:


Great work as always Peleng…welcome back sir, glad to you see you posting again!


beautiful work with lots of character and emotion. great!


Thank you, guys!

Photoshop 60min

Photoshop 60min

The Lost Soul
Photoshop 1h 20min


awesome sketches! Not just technically but content-wise as well!
Lovely brushstrokes all throughout!


Stunning. I particularly like the sequence for the coin. Virus is fantastic. Vertigo cries out to be animated. Uphill, the first frame of the tornado and the old man are all wonderfully illustrative. The sun is great as well. Fantastic stuff.


I like work call the “late”! Very good idea! :slight_smile: awesome!


Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club 027


Great work man! :thumbsup: Very inspirational. makes me want to go draw right now!


Thank you Stutts!

Wednesday Night Comic Creators Club 028


Freak show
Ps 32min

Public Enemy
Ps 20min