Patrik Lindkvist Senior Look Development Artist/Lead Artist



My name is Patrik Lindkvist, I have done tons of different CG work over the years. I started out half my life ago, when I was 15 in this very forum, doing really shitty faces with nurbs, then as a hobby but it has been my way of putting food on the table while loving what I do since I was 19. Now I’m almost 31 and that hasn’t changed. I’ve worked with everything from modeling and texturing to leading jobs and doing look development and on set cg supervision.

Today I mostly lead jobs and do lighting and look development. I also do realtime work in Unity and Unreal Engine. I’m currently at The Mill LA but I used to work for Ubisoft Massive back home in Malmö, Sweden, doing game cinematics. I’ve been at many other companies over the years as well such as Ghost VFX and my own company Vemod Studios.

My biggest focus these days is to develop my skills as a lead which is something I love to do, a dream of mine is to become a supervisor full time too within the realtime space. Mentoring wise I haven’t been very active in forums in many years, but people contact me occasionally via facebook and email and such and then I always try to provide feedback and be helpful. I had a few mentors on my own back in the day and I hope to be of some help at least.

Feel free to connect with me:

And also check my new reel I just posted here:


Hi there,

I watched your demo art reel and must say it’s really impressive. You did a lot in your career and I am sure you will be an inspiration for many generations to come. Either way, well done and I will be wishing you good luck in getting that awesome role as supervisor.



Allo Patrik!

Crazy that we’ve known each other for about 10 years now since the CGWorkshop days. Welcome to the forum!



Hey Patrik,
You have a really impressive history in the CG industry, I’m sure you’ll be able to provide really good insights.
Really nice demo real, lighting is always stunning.
As an aspiring game artist I love hearing that you do some real time work with unreal and unity.
Great to have you on the forum


Hey Patrick happy you are here sir.


Thanks everyone for the kind words!


Hello Pratrik, great to see you here !