Pathdeformer Free also for commercial use, updated to R21 and R23 for windows


Hi all,

after more 10 years i decided to share for all my older Pathdeformer plugin compiled for R21 and R23 but only windows for now.
It’s free for all and is also multi-threading to deform efficently big geometry.
I’m sorry for the old style of page that made but is not my work.
here the download location:

I hope that will be appreciated.
Have a great day
Renato Tarabella


One of my favourite plugins from that time, I used it a lot!
And what a nicely written manual it has :smiley:


Thanks Renato - just like Frank, I used this a lot back in the day!
A very useful plugin. Great to see it again : )


Now thats a blast from the past. I remember you also had another plugin I used quite a bit that let you animate clones along a spline circa 2005-ish. This was before the mograph tools were availble and after the darf tools were gone.


Thanks all :slight_smile:

JoelDublin you are talking about Nota, the tag animator. I made the last years NotaEffector.
I’m working now to port it for R21 and above… but i just started yeasterday a new effector to make something like Nota. Maybe will grow to be released for all. :slight_smile: