Paste Posture in Biped randomly stopped working


I can copy poses in Biped. I can’t reliably paste them. And this is new; it just happened in the last day or so; I don’t know why it changed.

I click “Paste Posture”, MAX flashes a little…but nothing happens to the bones. They stay right the heck where they are.
But it’s also not consistent: only some bones–arms, mostly–decide that they Don’t Wanna™.

Did I accidentally click something somewhere? Nothing is locked, at least, not in Biped; I have no idea what happened. I’ve been searching Google and seeing a lot of similar-but-too-different problems and solutions; after exhausting what I can do on my own, I’ve come here.

Also, please don’t suggest I stop using Biped; I’m shot shot #168, and it’s kinna too late to swap things out now.



Oops. Never mind; turns out that arms had gotten unclicked in the “separate keys” area.
Don’t know how I didn’t see that.

If I could figure out how to delete a post, I would.


dot dot dot, trash can ?


Doesn’t seem to work on the OP.