particles question from max user.


Hi everyone,

hope this is the right forum to question.

I’m currently working with XSI 7.5, but I’m a max user.

I have a small issue, in my particles node system I need to separate particles based on a frame range. in max a if condition would evaluate the particles and divide them.

here on XSI the if condition is evaluating the particles all the time, so if the condition was true at the beginning it becames false after a while.

I need to make this test only once per particles so that i can split them into 2 groups and make them do two different actions. I know it’s possible, but I can’t figure it out. could you give me a hint?

Thank you.

PS: example, I need particles from fram 0-100 to reach goal 1 and 101-200 to reach goal 2… the problem is that the particles going for goal one will change direction one the frame 101 is reached…




What you want to do is set the goal location when particles are emitted:


hey, thanks for the reply,

I’ll try that tomorrow morning, but it looks pretty logic.



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