Particle Object Transformation 2D Parallax


Hi all,

  • I have a 2D image.
  • I want to make a 3D one minute motion graphics video.
  • I'd like to create an effect that the 2D image has 3D dimensionality to it as the camera flys past it, but I don't need it to be a 360 degree 3D model type shot.

Do I need to remake the image in a 3d program and import it? Or can AE do a parallax like effect on it? Im going to have sun shine on it so one goal is to have believable depth to it without giving away the illusion that it’s 2D.

The entire project consists of - Light particles flying through space and forming various objects. One of those objects will be this picture. Here is an example of the animation effect I need:

The light particles coalesce into an object, the 2D/3D image I have made.

Please let me know if you can recommend an AE plugin similar to that of the one in the video that I can use to create light particles to form into objects and pictures. Thanks.