Particle goes straight



I am making a water drop particle that hits a glass and spawns smaller particles that go down from the glass. Here is a picture of it down below.

Now the problem is those smaller particles are moving straight. The particles supposed to act like a water drop which means they should randomly change direction a bit. How would I do be able to change the directions of those particles so that they could behave like a real water drop without a Wind Force effect? Thanks in advance.


lol why? Just use a Winds Turbulence setting.

Or spend hours, days, weeks brute force building a bubble motion data op.

Your choice :slight_smile:


LOL yea, That’s why I asked people here. Maybe someone did those things before so that can share their findings. Meanwhile I am using wind forces for it.


Unless someone has free time and is up for an interesting challenge, most generally take the simplest most straight forward path, which is also a lot easier for other users to replicate, but yeah I see where you are coming from :slight_smile: