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Hi, is there a way to display range of the Keep apart operator in the viewport?


I figured this question could go here with a lot of knowledge like Bobo here, but I have a weird thing happening. So about 6 months ago I made some scenes using particle flow in Max 2016 to make leaves and grass clumps and stuff and rendered it on our farm everything is ok. There have been a couple Max service pack updates and as far as I know we are all up to date now. However now that I go back to the scenes using particle flow, it appears that the leaves and grasses are in different positions (although no one messed with them), looks like it’s a different seed, but they are still using the default seed 12345. Has anyone else experienced their particles changing positions recently in scenes? This is making it very frustrating to go back and rerender certain areas in our animation.


HiI am making some light trails in Pflow. Following the tutorial below. What I would like to do is use an animated image sequence to drive the shape of the light trail to get more variation in the shape.
My question is…Howcan I make an image sequencestop playing as the particle is created? When a particle has createdthe image that is assignedto thatparticleon that frame locks to that particleand the sequence stops playing. Almost like an echo effect.




Hi Mills

Why not just use a still and rotate your source for the particle system, that way it will leave behind rotated particles.
I don’t have time right now, but if I remember I’ll try setup a system to demonstrate shortly.



Thanks for looking into this. I don’thave the file with me now… will have to take a look tomorrow. I am using a shape facing operator so it does not take into account therotation as far as I can remember.*



Yeah, wont work with facing particles.

But here is a test I did, see if it could work for you



Very nice :applause:


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