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I just wanted to get some confusion out of the way…

With the implementation of Box 2 the particle physx simulation is multi threaded.
It has always been.
Check the documentation on how to enable multi threading in your pflow physx sims.

Also the fumefx ops come with fumefx plugin not box3.


Confusion and pflow multi-threading go hand in hand. It is no more multi-threaded than when box#2 was initially released. It is true some aspects of pflow are multi-threaded, most are not, particularly map evaluations.

Sure the physx sim itself is multi-threaded but the data going into it from pflow is no more multi-threaded now than when Box#1 was integrated.


My first out of two AU Masterclasses is out!
Introduction to mParticles (former Particle Flow Toolbox#2 by Orbaz Technologies)


And it’s outstanding :bowdown: ! Excellent, Congrats, & Thank you :thumbsup:


Great timing! Thanks Ansi!


Nice job A!


And the second AU MasterClass is online. 2,5h of ADM (Advanced Data Manipulation / former Box#3):



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Nice work :slight_smile:


Hi, is it possible to use a custom gravity shape? Other that Planar and Spherical?


Under spacewarps – particles and dynamics. There is a little known object called Vector Field. You can create a custom vector field around any geometry normals. Then you can use the field as force in pflow. Give it a try.

Also check out max help. It will give you a the rundown.



Hey guys,
one more Particle Flow&Krakatoa project give away:

And final video:


Very nice look, Deko :slight_smile:


Thanks Hristo, hope to see more colorful projects around :slight_smile:


Anyone succeeded making standard particles (and shaders) looking similar to Krakatoa-Fume FX shading?
Something like this:

Something like self-shaded, but also translucent-absorption shader, but with standard 3DS Max material?
Any way to fake this?
Some free shader plugin perhaps?

I’ve tried something with translucent shader, but it still not looking right (soft and translucent)


When I hit “particle view” after creating a PF source in 3ds max

It says “Addflow4 activeX not installed properly

It doesn’t open particle view.

Maybe if i reinstall particle flow? Which i have no idea how to do. Please Help! :cry:


Install as admin and don’t ask legit users when you use cracked software :wink:


Hi Guys

Any help would be appreciated.
So I’m doing an animation with airline flight paths, i have come across a problem.
With Lock/Bond restrict to surface the paths are correct, I would like them to arc of the globe.

So removing that and just using Find target and spherical wind, i can get the look I am going for, however if the destination is further than a certain amount the particles dip below the earth surface.

Any suggestions.



I think there was a way to sync a force influence animation to a particle’s age, so you can animate the influence going up then down?