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Awesome, thanks! I guess twitter and FB is where it’s at, where people ask questions and seek answers. Bu i like this little thread of ours :slight_smile:


I do too. Thats why asked the question here. Hope someone have the answer…


Hmm, not aware of anyway to grab color via pflow script op. Maybe there is by grabbing a point, never tried though.

You can however get color data via Box#3. :slight_smile:

Cool tut :wink:


I know about how to get color data via Box#3… The thing is its not for me. Its for someobe who just have vanila flow…no boxes.


Happy New Year, everybody :slight_smile:


Ah well, new year new reel (after 2 years it as kinda time :smiley: ):

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Hi, Anselm!
I tried to run your lesson " Animated Collision" where we made loop of two Data Tests
and faced with the fact that system starts to slow down badly around Frame40 when the particles reachs the plane deflector, meanwhile in your videotutor all worked fine.
What could be the reason?


What’s your max version and box3 version? With 200 particles this should play fine.


Max 2011, PFTBox3ProMax2011x64
P.S. All the other scenes are working properly


interesting! I skipped 2011 all together so i can’t even test that here. As a quikc work around can you use the Krakatoa collision if yo have Krakatoa?


Yes, I have Krakatoa, moreover, the same effect can be done with Box#2-PhysX particles, I just wanted to know how to do it " right way "


Any one know how to set a minimum distance particles can spawn from each other, getting a problem where they keep spawning right next to each other and when each particle has a shape instance it looks horrible.
I know it can be done with a data operator but for some reason the data operator isn’t showing up in my list with the 2013 extension


have you tried the “Keep Apart” operator?


i spose you could use it once they spawn but just dont have them render then use it to move them apart by 1 frame? then apply the shape i guess


3ak posted this for something similar might be useful for you.


Hi guys,
i just converted my DVDs to pay-per-download to be purchased as single tutorials and a few mini bundles. It’s the biggest collection of mPartices and Advanced Data Manipulation tutorials (which is the new fancy name for Box#2 and Box#3 that ship with max2014).
So far 50 tutorial in stock. Besides new tutorials the body of work is taken from my two TurboSquid DVDs ( The tutorials have been optimized for digital download and enhanced sound quality. A lot of people hesitated to buy them because of the hefty international shipping costs and shipping time. No it’s all digital and modular Smile

URL is:

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So with this update and inclusion with the Mass FX engine does this change multi threading at all? What about the fume fx birth ops and things like this, I didn’t see them included. Does this mean we will still need to purchase Box 3?


Particle Flow Tools Box #2 & #3 are now part of 3ds Max 2014. There is no need to purchase them unless you are using an older version of max.

There has been nothing stated in regards to multi-threading, either fixes or enhancements. :sad:

Fingers crossed that Autodesk will at least continue to build upon the foundation and prove their current track record wrong by actually improving on something after its acquisition :slight_smile: